10.00 AM From Over Here – the 2016 presidential election from a UK perspective London Globalist Live – global news The Two Jacks News Show with Jack & Jack
11.00 AM The Review Show with Tunazzina Hussain Le-Chia: Soundtracks and old pops Midweek Session with Will Parsons  Michael Zhan and Crayon Mizhan – JPop Anime and Culture
12.00 noon Pulse's Indie Anthems Nihilistic Girl with Chloe and Kathleen Upbeat Jams with Sydney Baloue New Music with Sarah Ferguson Kekeli – the pop music you didn't know you were missing
1.00 PM Funkin Mondays with Silke and Grace Listen with Lauren Guillaume Janin's Folk and Blues Show
2.00 PM Luke Orphanides – the best music from the movies Queer Words – soul, blues, jazz and poetry with LGBTQIA people and performers of colour Throwback Tunes with Rishav Let's All Go To The Zoo with Elin, Taye and Livi Albumology – Kush Patel and the LSESU Album Society discuss albums
3.00 PM Youth – Josh Terry and Karen Kiss track the history of youth throughout the decades Justified Ryddmz – music and dialogue on the Afro-diaspora Hecho a Manú – alternative Latin American music George Pickering's Jazz Show Jiaming Gong – Asian music
4.00 PM London Thumakda – music from Bollywood to Hollywood Katie Northcott – African music Music Matters – fantastic tracks and uniformed chat Jeremy and Fergus' Live Lounge Sessions The PuLSE Book Club with the LSESU Literature Society
5.00 PM Urbanism – talking cities with Allie Cowley Mariam Aliabadi – disco, hip-hop, reggae and funk The Wednesday Service with Clémence Shekamoo Myriam Amri's World Music Show The Purple Show – the environment and culture with Sangita and Julia
6.00 PM Aishat Raji's Afrobeat Show The Will and Claude Radio Show The Northern Hour with Alice and Jack General Purgatory with Guy and Dylan The Wrap – the latest developments in entertainment and the arts
7.00 PM The Duck and the Hunter: kickin' it since Ancient Times – jazz, funk and hip-hop with an African perspective The Will and Claude Radio Show Will Locke – techno and house General Purgatory with Guy and Dylan
8.00 PM Room Two The Deb and Cach Show – hip-hop, house and electro Raff Poole – techno and house The Barn and Charlie Show Powerade
9.00 PM Three's A Crowd with Harvey, Nitesh and Ben Krishna Aswani – hip-hop and RnB London Sound   Martha Ojo – Afrobeat and grime Powerade